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Congratulations to the APA|NY 2010 Photo Contest Winners!

Also, view the winning images on Dripbook

Grand Prize Winner: Bill Phelps

Action + Adventure + Sports
1st Place: Braden Summers
2nd Place: Jeremy Harris
3rd Place: Braden Summers

Architecture + Landscape
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place: Bill Phelps

Fashion + Beauty
1st Place: Stephen Churchill Downes
2nd Place: Bill Phelps
3rd Place: Sebastian Smith

People + Lifestyle
1st Place: Kevin Tachman
2nd and 3rd Place: Wesley Mann

Food + Still Life
1st Place: Joshua Scott
2nd Place: Clint Blowers
3rd Place: Monica Stevenson

1st and 2nd Place: Nicky Woo
3rd Place: Geralyn Shukwit

1st Place: Jordan Levine
2nd and 3rd Place: Liang-Pin Tsao