APA|NY is pleased to announce its Third Annual Photo Contest!

As an organization dedicated to creating a dialog within the photographic community, APA|NY is opening up this year’s annual photo contest with one simple task in mind: show us your best work. The contest aims to showcase the amazing work being done amidst these uncertain economic times, proving new possibilities for creative experimentation are born each day. This display of work will provoke conversations that highlight the talents of photographers in the New York region, putting them on the map for excellence across all genres of work. In return for your submissions, APA|NY promises to reward winners with not only exciting prizes, but also a full year of exposure and promotion to celebrate your work.

Our panel of judges is leaders in the photographic community.  We welcome submissions from photographers of any background.

About APA:
Advertising Photographers of America (APA) is the leading American organization run by photographers for photographers, as well as other photographic professionals. With a culture that is grounded in optimism and openness, APA supplies the necessary tools for business success, standards, and creative satisfaction. This includes all levels of the photography profession. APA understands that it is our job to be proactive. We anticipate the practical, creative, and business needs of our members, with ongoing resources and vigorous national advocacy. APA’s reach and standards are recognized worldwide. Our inviting culture and common sense values provide the foundation for all that we do.

APA|NY Chapter site:

APA National site:

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